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What We Do

Hindman Ready Built Homes, Inc. was formed in 1967 by Leroy and Lenora Hindman to built standard medium size homes on its construction lot in Lubbock and delivered complete to rural sites where there was little or no source of skilled labor and materials available. This method has saved homeowner’s a lot of money over the years by eliminating costly travel, hourly wages for crew members and delivery fees on material.

50 years later, that is the same goal of Mark and Mike Hindman, father and son team. It is our goal to provide the highest quality using the most modern materials and the highest quality of experienced Sub-Contractors that we can find, many of them bein g with us for the past 20+ years.

We specialize in standard floor plans, 24′ and 28′ wide up to 80′ in length providing up to 2240 square feet of living space in 2, 3 and 4 bedroom models for delivery in Texas only. (We do not work out of state)  We build primarily single unit structures (not multiple sections) where we can transport them complete to your location. We do very little if any room or porch additions on site as the cost of sending workers and material to your location really negates the cost advantages of our type of home.

We do minor customization of our standard plans to make them better suit your needs and you are able to pick out the siding or brick exterior, the type of roofing, colors, cabinet materials, cabinet tops, type of floor covering, fireplace and fireplace front materials, light fixtures and fans, hardware etc.

We do realize that the type and style of home we build is not for every person as we are not custom home builders. We do however provide what we know is a good, solid cost effective home in areas where there is little availability of skilled labor and materials.

Our hours vary by the day, if you call and We can’t answer – please leave a message.