Process of building a new home

Since you have read this far there is a good chance that our homes might be right for you. If you have land to put a home on and want to proceed then here is the process that normally occurs.

We do not keep a Sales Center open regular hours. We work by advance appointments only so the first step is to contact Mike Hindman 806-763-6239 or Jennifer Hindman 806-239-4187, email direct to ask general questions about our delivery areas, financing sources if needed, questions about floor plans, options and upgrades etc. After the initial contact if we both decide to proceed we will set up an appointment at Our Sales Center in Lubbock. If financing is needed it is always a good idea to contact a lender in advance of the first trip to get pre-approval for the financing. We try to have homes both sold or stock homes for sale in various stages of construction that you are able to look at to see what we are building. We also have hundreds of recent pictures, cabinet displays, light fixtures and information to look at.

At this time we will decide on a floor plan and sit down at the computer where We have a design program and do any customization of the plan and decide and design an exterior. At this time we are ready to proceed with completing the plans, specifications and sales contract which We normally bring to you at your location. We do a site and route survey to make sure we can get the home moved to and on your location. If you are paying cash we are ready to get started at this time. If you are obtaining financing we will execute the documents and get them to the loan agent to begin the financing process. When all loan documents are prepared, signed and filed then we are ready to start the actual building process.

The Building Process

Normally the first question I get asked is how long does it take to get a home built. This is a really complex answer and depends a lot on the time of year, the weather conditions, size and amenities in the home, how many homes we have under construction at the time, etc. The short and best answer is 4-8 months depending on the size and amenities. Our normal construction time on a normal home is 4-5 months. Adding items such as granite tops, ceramic tile or hardwood floors, marble showers, etc will lengthen the building process as these items have longer lead times to get and to install. Very rarely does the building process stretch out over 6 months adding these items.

You are free to make as many or as few trips to our site as you want while construction is taking place. We usually try to select the exterior items at the time we sign the papers such as window and door styles, shingle or roofing colors and exterior colors so we can get the home built and the exterior almost finished before you make your next trip. On this trip we will go around to all of my suppliers and select interior paint stains and paint colors, cabinet top and floor covering materials and styles, light fixtures, fans and door and bath hardware and appliances. At this time all selections are made and the home is ready to be completed for the move to your location.

About 3-4 weeks prior to the home being delivered, we will come to dig, pour and prepare the foundation for the home. When the foundation is in, you need to have your local companies prepare the electric service to the home, water and sewer service, etc. As soon as all of this is done the home is ready to be delivered and will be delivered as soon as we can obtain oversize moving permits from the state. The home will be delivered and set down on your location at this time.

The Final Process

At this time we are ready to finish and complete your home. This process can take from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on whether the home is siding or brick. Brick has to be installed after the home is delivered. It also depends on how long it takes your local electric provider, electrician and your local plumber to service the home with electricity, water and sewer. As soon as all items are in place, walk throughs, acceptance and financing closings if any are complete then you will be ready to take possession of the home and move in.