Basic Specifications

Hindman Ready Built Homes, Inc. is referred to as Builder. New home owner, will be referred to as Purchaser.


Condition and stability of the land is the responsibility of the Purchaser. It will be the responsibility of the Purchaser to have the land cleared and leveled to a 2″ tolerance in the area that is to be the home footprint plus an additional 10′ on each side and end. It will also be the responsibility of Purchaser to provide clear access for Builder to move the home from the public right of way to the final home location.

Foundation Specifications:

The builder will dig and pour a concrete perimeter footing as well as 2 concrete bearing footings 9′-4″ from outside to the center of the home. Exterior beams will be 14″ wide by 14″ deep and will have 2 bars of 1/2″ rebar steel. Each joint will be lapped 24″, and all joints will be tied with wire. Concrete used will be 3000 psi ready mix. Builder will install 1-1/4″ galvanized steel tie down straps at 6′-0″ intervals in the wet concrete and these straps will be connected to the floor joists with nails after the home is set. The first course on the front and back stem walls will be 6″x8″x16″ cmu set level in a bed of type-s mortar. The second course will dry-stacked 6″x8″x16″ cmu and then both courses core filled. Home will have 2 center girders, 14’’ wide by 12’’ deep, the full length of the home to be supported off the solid center footings with 4”x8”x12” solid cmu every 6′-0″ on top of the concrete and under the center girders. Foundation ends must be left open to drive the homes through but will be closed in with solid dry-stacked cmu. Under floor ventilation will be achieved by placing adequate vents in foundation of home. Steel framed steps with wood treads and handrails, will be installed at one exterior door. Extra steps can be purchased at $350.00 each. If any rock is encountered during installation of foundation, there will be an extra charge at Purchaser’s expense.

Floor System:

All lumber that is in direct contact with the foundation is pressure treated lumber. The floor system is constructed entirely from 1-3/4″ thick x 9-1/2″ tall laminated veneer lumber (LVL) beams. Subfloor is 4’x8’x1-1/8″ Advantech panels that are set in a bed of Advantech floor adhesive, applied on each joist, and is nailed and screwed.

Wall System:

All exterior walls are constructed of 2″x4″ PET Hem-Fir studs 16″ oc. Top plates are double and sole plates are single. LVL headers over all load bearing windows and doors. Exterior walls are sheathed on the outside with 7/16″ thick Advantech Zip Wall System, with all joints taped. Interior walls are 2″x4″ Hem-Fir PET studs 16″ oc. All door and window openings are double studded. All interior walls are covered with 4’x12’x1/2″ sheetrock when possible to eliminate joints. Tape, float and fine spray texture finish.

Roof System:

Roof system is designed and engineered by Builder specified truss company. Trusses are clear span and have a 4″x12″ roof pitch. Roof decking is 4’x8’x1/2″ Advantech Zip Roof System. Standard ceilings are 8’ flat throughout, taller ceilings are an option. Ceilings are sheetrock and finished the same as the walls. Roof covering is Owens Corning Duration shingles; color Purchaser’s choice.

Insulation System:

Our standard insulation system is open-cell spray foam sprayed to an approximate thickness of 5-6″ covering the complete underside of the decking, the trusses and gable end walls. Our wall insulation is Cellulose, installed using the damp glue method, and yields an R-Value of 15. All penetrations through the exterior walls, ceilings or floors are sealed tight with spray foam.

Exterior Finish System:

Exterior will be 8 ¼” Textured Hardie Fiber Cement Siding. Fascia and trim will be textured fiber cement. Soffit will be Textured Masonite. All exterior cornice will be painted with 2 full coats of Sherwin Williams A-100 semi-gloss exterior latex. Windows are white hollow vinyl side load with Low-E glass, and are sized as shown on the plan; color to be white. The front door is a textured fiberglass with “Texas Star” or equivalent half glass insert with side lites. The back doors are textured fiberglass. The back door, out of the dining, will have a full glass insert with built in mini blinds, and the back door, out of the utility, will have a half glass insert with built in mini blinds.

Plumbing System:

We use only State of Texas licensed plumbers. All water lines are PEX plastic, 1/2″ and 3/4″, color coded red for hot and blue for cold. All sewers, drains and vents are schedule 40 PVC. All installation conforms to the current IRBC (International Residential Building Code) adopted by the city of Lubbock.

Home includes:

  • 1 fiberglass tub/shower combo
  • 1 fiberglass shower only unit
  • 1 – Surface mount stainless steel kitchen sink
  • 1 – 1/2 hp Badger 500 garbage disposal
  • 1 – 50 gallon Rheem electric water heaters
  • 2 – American Standard Cadet Pro elongated toilets,
  • Laminate Countertops on bathroom vanities with surface mount oval lavatory sinks
  • 2 – Delta Lahara series 2538 4″ center faucets
  • Delta tub and shower faucets
  • Stainless steel or bronze faucet finishes

All plumbing is complete in and under the home and the service lines are stubbed out under the foundation. Builder will make final water and sewer connections within 10’ of home. If Purchaser decides to go gas on any fixtures within the home, the Purchaser will be responsible for the cost of stub out for plus the extra expense of each fixture. If natural gas or propane is utilized, the Purchaser will be responsible for having their plumber make all final connections to fixtures and home.

Electrical System:

We use only State of Texas Licensed electrical contractors. All wiring inside the house is copper. A 200 amp exterior weatherproof breaker box w/200 amp main breaker set up for underground service. Outlets, switches and all fixtures are provided as per plan with special wiring for the HVAC, heat pump, water heaters and range. Light fixtures and ceiling fans are purchased from Dement Lighting in Lubbock, Texas. There will be a lighting allowance of 1% of the purchase price for all light fixtures, ceiling fans, LEDs and bulbs. Appliances include a 30’’ freestanding electric range, over the range microwave, dishwasher and all appliance cords. All appliances will be purchased using an allowance of $1,750.00. Purchaser is responsible for making final electrical connection to home. If meter base, lever bypass, or weather head for overhead service is required by the electric provider, a change order will be submitted to Purchaser for approval.

HVAC System:

HVAC system to be Rheem 14 SEER Products installed by a Texas licensed contractor. System will be total electric and sized per home. All duct work is complete in the home and designed to give the best distribution of air available. Digital thermostat is included and outside heat pump unit will be installed on an engineered precast pad.

Cabinets and Woodwork:

Cabinets are custom built, all wood; color Purchaser’s choice. Wood species offered are oak, maple, or knotty alder. Cabinet doors are custom built with 5 piece raised panel doors and soft close concealed hinges. All drawers feature full extension drawer guides and includes a double trash can drawer and 2 pot and pan drawers. All base cabinets to be 36’’ tall throughout home. Kitchen upper cabinets will be 30’’ tall and include laminate countertops with full laminate backsplash; colors Purchaser’s choice. Bathroom cabinets will include laminate countertops with a 4’’ laminate splash; color Purchaser’s choice. Crown molding is not included standard but is an option. All interior trim and doors are paint grade; color Purchaser’s choice. Interior doors will be hollow core textured Masonite.


No fireplace included in home.

Interior Painting:

All standing and running trim to be semi-gloss enamel finish. All walls to be taped, bedded and textured prior to 2 coats of Sherwin Williams; eggshell finish. A maximum of 2 interior colors will be chosen for the home. Color choices will be picked by Purchaser.

Floor Coverings Included:

Flooring will be purchased from Griggs Carpet in Lubbock, Texas, 806-792-7253, Larry Griggs, Sales. Allowance for floor coverings is $20.00 per sq/yd. All selections to be picked by Purchaser.

Hardware Included:

Pulls and knobs on all raised panel cabinet doors and drawers will be included at $2.00 per door/drawer. If finger pull option is chosen, the $2.00 per door/drawer allowance will be allotted for the finger pull. All door knobs to be round stainless steel or bronze. Both bathrooms include a stainless steel or bronze TP Holder, Towel Ring and Towel Bar/Hook. A 42″ high by length of vanity mirror is included in each bath. All hardware selections to be chosen by Purchaser.

Delivery and Setup:

Builder will deliver and setup home in accordance with all final plans and specifications. All trash and building waste to be cleaned up by builder. Final walk through will be conducted by Builder and Purchaser prior to final payment.

Warranty Included:

We stand behind what we build. We provide a (1) year workmanship warranty, as well as, a warranty on materials as per manufacturer guidelines. Please notify us by phone, text or e-mail if any problems arise. Cosmetic items such as shrinkage cracks in the drywall, paint defects, etc. will be corrected by one trip at the end of the warranty period if notified, in writing by Purchaser, before the warranty period expires. We abide to the TAB Express Home Warranty standards.